Is Artificial Grass Safe With Animals

Looking into the safety of Artificial Grass for animals

Once viewed as somewhat tacky and tasteless, turf has, in recent years, become much more widely accepted, as a growing number of people discover the advantages of artificial grass installation. For animals and their owners, in particular, this material is considered to be a better choice than a natural yard, since it’s significantly more hygienic and a lot easier to wash of detritus or animal waste. This is the chief reason a growing number of pet owners, especially those who have’outside’ pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits, have been choosing to replace the natural grass in their gardens with turf rugs.

We took advice and knowledege from Birmingham’s leading artificial grass installer Phoenix Lawns and discovered that not only was it a complete myth, but it was infact less harmful that real grass!. However ill go on to talk about the ‘so called’ rumours that have spread about artificial grass installation.

Artificial Grass Installation With AnimalsAs popular as it is for pet owners, however, turf remains far from consensual as an ideal material for families with animals. For each dog or cat extolling the virtues of artificial grass for animals, there still has been at least one individual in the opposite camp, preventing turf from becoming as prevalent in homes with pets as it might otherwise have been.

The foundation for these detractors’ arguments hinges around a single theory: that rather than be beneficial for cats and dogs in addition to their owners, artificial grass may actually be poisonous to them, in addition to children. This point of view has gained some traction through time, and nowadays it’s not uncommon to discover individuals dis-recommending artificial grass for animals based on these claims.

However, like most other problematics in contemporary society, this problem is not quite as simple or linear as it looks. This is the reason the present article won’t try to offer a definitive reply to the question of whether it is harmful artificial grass for animals, but only present some of the known facts surrounding this matter, in order to give pet owners a better comprehension of the variables involved.

The Basis

The basis for the claim that turf is harmful to animals, and to kids, originates from the real, documented existence of a particular chemical in this substance. This chemical, called crumb rubber, is usually applied to the surface of turf rugs, to create the blades more wear-resistant and supply more padding. This is the major reason behind the argument that it might potentially be dangerous for families or outside areas to supply artificial grass for animals and kids to play on.

The Counter-Point

There’s absolutely not any scientific proof firmly corroborating the hazards of artificial grass for animals and kids, and a lot of the claims to this effect appear to arise from word of mouth. By contrast, producers’ claims that their turf rugs are non-toxic and free of toxic seem somewhat more credible and substantiated.

Still, as mentioned above, there’s really no right or wrong response to this question. Evidence appears to point to there being no threat in artificial grass for animals and children, but similar to its counter-argument, this stage isn’t fully substantiated. It would appear, however, when it comes to turf rugs, a pet owner or parent’s key concern should be their propensity to overheat in hot weather, instead of the possibility it will create their pet or child ill.

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